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Dinner #2 in Mayberry

I chose to dishes for tonight, Fred Goss’s Chicken with Dried Beef and Bert and Ben’s Sweet and Sour Green Beans. (These recipe’s are from Aunt Bee’s Mayberry Cookbook)

Let’s start with the chicken. If you have high blood pressure or are on a low sodium diet DO NOT make this. I used a fraction of the called for amount of dried beef (I only used about 1.5oz vs the 12oz called for) and I used low sodium cream of mushroom soup and the sodium count was still over 3,100mg!

As I was talking to my husband though, I realized, dried beef back at the time this cook book came out and dried beef now, probably are quite different. So that may have a lot to do with why this recipe didn’t turn out so well.

While the chicken was very tender and juicy, it really didn’t have much flavor unless you dipped it in the cream of mushroom. And the soup/sauce from being cooked with the dried beef was so salty it practically burned your tongue.

I’m sure at the time this recipe was written, this dish would have been delicious, but as times change, sadly so do the ingredients. I love cream dried beef, so I was excited for the recipe. I’m sad it didn’t turn out so well.

We did eat the chicken, but the rest went to flock.

Now, the green beans! These were AWESOME! Although, my toddler didn’t approve, I thought they were fantastic. I might add more bacon next time but that’s just a personal preference.

Also, the next day I paired them with lightly barbecued chicken and it was awesome!! Could be a dish of its own. Will definitely be adding this one to me rolodex of go-tos.

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