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I guess a welcome is in order...

Updated: May 18, 2021

Where to start? hmm....

Well, at the beginning? I'll do a real condensed version for you!

My husband, James, and I met in 2009, married in 2016, and had our son, Valentine, in 2020. We live in small-town Idaho and enjoy the outdoors. We also have quite a 'funny farm', as I endearingly call it (Eventually, I'll get the "About Us" section complete with a better description of the whole Riggan Homestead).

Here are our residents:


  • Beretta, a pit mix, age 10. October 31, 2010

  • Radar, a blue tick hound, age 3. August 8, 2017.

  • Norma, an American hairless terrier, age 2. November 30, 2018.


  • BigCat

  • MamaCat

  • DickFace


  • A rescued Magpie named Maggie.

  • A rescued Canada Goose named Duck Duck.

  • Eight geese.

  • Twenty-nine chickens.

  • Ten ducks.

  • Two turkeys.

  • Four guinea hens.

Oh, and ten rescued mallard duck eggs and a rescued quail (possibly killdeer) egg in the incubator. (Stay tuned for updates on these guys!)

I'll do the math for you! Without counting the eggs, we have 55 birds. Eighteen of the chickens, I hatched myself with an incubator during the Impromptu Riggan Hatch of 2021 (I'll be sharing more about this fiasco later!).

Now that introductions are over, let's get into why I am here.

I love writing and have been sharing little snippets on various social media outlets for a LONG time. I'm not sure if I'm good at it or not, but I do enjoy it and thought it would be fun to somehow bring it all together in one place.... behold the BLOG! And now I'm here trying to wrangle my social media accounts, Etsy store, YouTube channel, et alia ... feeling like I've been living under a rock for the last 33 years and have zero idea of what I'm doing. So, please, bare with me.

I like to write about just about anything that is going on in my life. Rants, experiences and adventures of the day to day, learning to parent, video games, book reviews, et cetera. I know I probably should just focus on ONE area to talk about, but I can't. So this is what you get. Miscellaneous & Love.

I'm going to do my best.

Welcome!! And thank you for being here!


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